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It's Dove Season!

It's Dove Season!

Dove Season Baby!

Yes our absolute favorite time of the year is quickly approaching.  Dove season has to be one of our most favorite hunts of the year.  High bag limits and just the overall fun of the hunt makes this one of our most exciting times of the year.  Barring an early cool front to hit our favorite spot we have had the opportunity over the past decade to hunt an outstanding set up when it comes to environment for great dove hunting.  Hopefully some of these key factors will help you find a great spot to hunt these delicious and probably one of the more exciting animals to hunt in our opinion this year.  Favorable weather, in the right spot a large amount of activity during peak hours and the lack f needing to be quiet with your hunting buddies in the field make this a hunt not to miss.

Key Hunting property for Dove

We feel there are four main factors that a perfect dove hunting spot should have in a close proximity to your set up. 

  1. Food
  2. Shelter
  3. Water
  4. Gravel/Sand

Main food sources for dove come in small packages.  Millet, wheat, milo, and sunflowers are probably the top seeds we have seen when harvesting dove.

Shelter in the form of dead branches are the doves favorite roosting place.  If you have ever as we call it "seen someone out planting dead trees", there is a reason.  Dove love them.  We plant dead trees close to our favorite spots in order to not only provide a spot for the dove to rest but a great place for our non moving decoys. 

Water is also needed but not just any pond or watershed will do the trick.  Dove need a pot to be able to land and then walk to a shallow watering hole.  Which means if it...

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Shot of Month

Shot of the Month

Shot of the Month

This is where we will be featuring the Shotem & Caughtem user who wins shot of the Month.

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Caught of Month

Caught of the Month

Caught of the Month

This is where we will be featuring the Shotem & Caughtem user who wins CAUGHT of the Month.

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  • is the creation by two friends who love the great outdoors.  After a decade’s worth of tormenting each other with photos of trophy shots and catches, the Annual Shot Em’ & Caught Em’ Party was born.  Not only is it a great time, we clear the freezers for next year’s big haul.  We diversified the Shot Em’ & Caught Em’ party experience for one of the co-founders’ bachelor party AT A local ranch.  While fishing in the ranch ponds and shooting wild pigs responsible for wreaking havoc on the land, we began to explore the idea of a website dedicated exclusively to what we love to do in our free time…hunting and fishing.  Many, many beers later, the concept of a website where people could heckle friends with similar interests across the globe came to fruition.  Lucky for us, social networking for the outdoorsman and/or outdoor woman was an untapped market.

    Sure, there are places for men and women alike to display the fruits of their labor as well as the hard stitch effort it takes to land the big one.  However, there’s not a place to connect and share personal experiences and pitfalls solely related to hunting and fishing…  until now!  Our vision includes a place for all outdoor fanatics to connect and share local experiences on a global level.  

    We are dedicated to maintaining the latest and greatest hunting and fishing information on  We will continue to make additions and subtractions to ensure the vision of our social network environment is fun and entertaining for all outdoorsmen and outdoor women.  Tell your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. to visit and be part of the first social network dedicated to the great outdoors.  Show us yours and we’ll show you ours……photos that is of what you shot and caught (licensed, legal hunts ONLY!).